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Notice of Emergency Bunker Surcharge

Fuel prices are up more than 30 percent from the beginning of the year and close to 70 percent since this time last year. This increase has also greatly impacted the operating environment for the container shipping lines.

Due to this increase in fuel prices many shipping lines have started to introduce an Emergency Bunker Surcharge which will be implemented across all trades irrespective of ongoing contracts, which may or may not include Bunker charges.

The surcharge levied by the lines will depend on the trade lane and to date we have been notified of surcharges of between USD50.00 and USD75.00 per teu.

To ensure transparency to our customers, Henning Harders will only pass through this surcharge where applicable and show the cost as a separate item on our invoice.

We have been advised that the shipping lines will continue to evaluate longer-term strategies to help ease the situation and of cause when they decide to lift the surcharge we will notify you accordingly.

If you have any questions concerning this charge and how it is calculated and to what trades, please do not hesitate to contact your Key Account Manager.

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