Cost‑Effective Cargo Consolidation

Our tailored consolidation services consider the specifics of your supply chain network, your industry and your processes. Depending on your needs, we can prioritise shipments, secure container space during peak season to avoid delays and – when containers are loaded – make sure that any unloading and despatch requirements will be met. All this input combined results in cost saving opportunities, improved speed to market, increased supply chain flexibility and security.

If you are moving goods internationally, you should talk to us about cargo consolidation.

Our cargo consolidation services:

For over 30 years, we have been providing large‑scale consolidation services in China and Europe. Our input goes well beyond maximising container space, we:

  • analyse your entire supply chain, including supplier and delivery locations, cargo weights and volumes, shipping and storage requirements
  • consolidate goods from multiple suppliers and/or multiple origins
  • consider free trade agreements that might exist between the different countries in your supply chain
  • coordinate overseas factories, manage vendors and warehouses
  • facilitate the packing of containers per individual store or warehouse to minimise further storage and handling
  • arrange the most efficient way of dispatch and ensure delivery deadlines are met
  • monitor carrier performance

No matter how complex your supply chain: we make sure your goods are picked up, shipped and delivered in the most efficient way.

Our clients benefit from:

  • reduced shipping, handling and storage costs
  • streamlined packing and unpacking
  • increased shipping and cost efficiencies
  • increased speed to market
  • ease of management
  • customised reporting, complete inventory control
  • better utilisation of container space
  • LCL and FCL optimisation (through combined orders, coordinated pick-up & delivery schedules)
  • cross-docking opportunities

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