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Systems and Transparency

Our IT systems provide clients with streamlined processes, improved visibility and increased efficiency.

Our IT Systems are designed for information efficiency and data security

A supply chain can only be efficient, if shipping information and cargo documentation are correct, up to date and available to all stakeholders.

Henning Harders employs CargoWise One, the world’s leading system for supply chain integration. Our customers benefit from streamlined processes, improved visibility and increased efficiency of operations. In a cloud-based system, all data is stored offsite and online – enabling remote global access 24/7. Digital document storage and retrieval are a crucial part of the process, with all documents saved and organised for seamless business continuity and disaster recovery.

Client benefits are:

  • manual data entry minimised
  • no need for multiple data input
  • time and cost savings through standardised processes
  • Multi-level Data Security
  • up-to-date documentation and information sharing
  • integration of supply chain partners
  • increased supply chain reliability and flexibility
  • exception management – monitoring and reporting

Our secure and established processes mean that new vendors can be integrated more quickly, which in turns increases the flexibility of a client’s supply chain.

Ease of logistics management and information sharing

Our state-of-the-art information technology systems with full EDI capability and SAP compatibility provide our clients with customised reporting and 24/7 information sharing across the order process.

Full Connectivity enables our clients to comfortably access supply chain information within their own IT system.

Reporting and KPIs

At Henning Harders, we are always mindful of costs and continually look for ways to be more efficient. Together with our clients, we review benchmarking processes and help manage vendor performance effectively through meaningful KPI’s.

For example, you can select customised reports in an executive summary format with a particular focus on effective management and reporting of vendor performance. This gives you a comprehensive picture of areas such as goods received on time, condition of goods received, correct markings, etc.

You can choose reports customised on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Thanks to our integrated logistics system, all your KPI’s are always at hand on our database for complete peace of mind.

Data Analytics

Your supply chain generates valuable performance data. Using a unique combination of internal and external data sources, we can build personalised visualisations, process maps and analytics. We can provide you with real-time snapshots into your supply chain and identify trends and valuable business opportunities.

With our data analytics and data visualisation your business benefits from:

  • continuous improvement and optimisation of your supply chain, processes and partners
  • efficient management of vendor performance
  • effective supply chain management through meaningful KPIs
  • benchmarking & fact based decision making
  • improved planning & realistic performance targets

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