Oil, Gas and Mining require large investments in machinery and special equipment. Any disruption to the production process can cause a costly shut-down.

Clients in this industry rely on us to organise the efficient door‑to‑door delivery of large scale shipments as well as time critical spare parts. We collect equipment from multiple suppliers around the world and ensure the reliable delivery – even if your cargo is bound for the most remote oil and gas fields.

We also take care of efficient customs clearance, refunds and duty minimisation. And – as an accredited Australian Trusted Trader, Henning Harders offers clients from these industries a range of benefits, such as streamlined customs clearance and simplified import processes.

We reliably move your equipment to the most remote locations: inland as well as off-shore.

Case Study – Mining, Oil & Gas

Oil and gas exploration in Asia and Africa.

Scope of the project

Our mining clients operate on a global scale and often in remote regions of the world. Oil and Gas explorations require considerable investments, which means equipment must arrive reliably and on time – even if cargo is over-sized and shipped to the most remote ports. For this particular project, Henning Harders Tradeline was tasked with the just-in-time shipping of equipment from multiple suppliers to remote African deep-water oil and gas fields.


  • We set up a project team of experienced mining and logistics specialists to develop a supply chain tailored to the specific shipping requirements and challenging local conditions.
  • Our operations control team in Singapore coordinated and oversaw international suppliers, vessel owners, shipping schedules and loading activities to ensure the client’s deadlines were met.
  • We commissioned dedicated vessel charters to carry a total of 422 tons / 832m3 of equipment and supplies from multiple international suppliers.
  • Logistics were streamlined by consolidating cargo at multiple ports and according to specific cargo handling requirements
  • We coordinated multiple suppliers across USA and Europe for large scale airfreight shipments to remote African airports. Independent maritime surveyors reported on the performance of suppliers, loading teams and shipping agents.
  • We completed complex negotiations with local officials to ensure a seamless unloading schedule could be implemented.
  • Our project managers where deployed at multiple points of collection and delivery thus mitigated the risk of shipping delays
  • The client was kept in the loop at all times through a dedicated communication platform providing real-time information and 24/7 cargo visibility


  • Our meticulous planning and management of schedules and cargo requirements ensured that all equipment was delivered within budget.
  • We ensured the seamless unloading in the most challenging conditions.
  • All delivery deadlines were met and assembly could commence as intended.
  • The client was in full control of their project at all times, thanks to our end-to-end cargo visibility, live tracking, load reports and daily/weekly performance reports.

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