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Moving international cargo efficiently depends on countless factors: from international trade agreements to local regulations, from the type of cargo to the time of year. Our Logistics Tools provide you with some of the most relevant logistics terms and shipping information.

Logistics Tools and Glossary, Freight Management Tools

Are you looking for a Logistics Glossary, Freight Forwarding Terms, Container and Pallet specifications? Check out our helpful Logistics Tools or talk to one of our experienced Logistics Managers.

We also provide our clients with a highly flexible enterprise system that provides tracking and reporting services plus a range of additional online customer tools to help manage their supply chain more efficiently.

Clients can:

For information on: Terms and Conditions, Sailing List, Dangerous Goods – please talk to your Account Manager at Henning Harders.

For regular updates about logistics, import/export Australia, quarantine and shipping news, please subscribe to our Logistics Newsletter.

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