Logistics for Construction, Manufacturing, Production

Our logistics experts organise the cost-effective transportation of all kinds of equipment, machinery, commodities and bulk materials. Depending on your requirements, we arrange full container or shared container shipping, standard or special containers, such as high cube, open top or flat rack. Depending on your supply chain, we also provide cost-efficient cargo consolidation and storage solutions.

We have over 30 years experience in efficiently moving bulk materials, machinery, equipment and entire production facilities.

Logistics for Manufacturing

Whether it’s shipping a whole paper pulp mill, a saw mill, or a large power transformer – our industry experience means we can manage the coordinated transport and delivery of entire production facilities, plants, machinery and equipment from and to any location.

We arrange the door-to-door delivery of urgent spare parts, thus avoiding a costly shutdown of your production line, and we provide the tailored supply chain that ensures the reliable, on-time supply of materials for your business.

Logistics for Construction and Building Materials

Strategic production and sales planning, flexible warehousing and distribution are crucial components for the building industry, specifically building materials. Henning Harders has the experience, capacity and technology systems to provide specific solutions to meet specialised needs. To support your operations, we can even implant experienced Henning Harders staff into your logistics department to streamline international ordering and shipping processes.

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