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With partner offices in over 150 cities in over 100 countries, we are where you need us.





Henning Harders Global Logistics Network

As a privately owned Australian company we are not compelled to work with a large conglomerate’s subsidiaries, regional offices or sister companies. Instead, we have established a professional network of independent agents around the world. Each of these are logistics specialists and long established leaders in their geographical areas. This unique global network provides us and our clients with a greater amount of flexibility, local knowledge and experience.

We are where you are

For us, this means that we understand the logistics requirements, which are specific to your industry and that, together with our network of strategically aligned domestic partners, we develop tailor made, innovative and cost effective logistics solutions for your business. We currently have partner offices in over 150 cities in over 100 countries – and like ourselves, most are family owned and operated and provide exceptional customer service. Our global network is constantly growing and is strengthened through partnerships, cooperation and collaboration.

Global network with local knowledge

No matter where your business takes you, we can move your goods reliably to and from any location. We choose each partner office personally to ensure you get the best local knowledge and experience for your project. In addition, we have well-established, longstanding relationships with all major carriers and shipping companies. This means we can offer our clients a wider range of services and unique benefits:

Our Offices in Australia and New Zealand

Got a project in mind? Let us solve the logistics for you.

Whether you need perishable goods picked up from rural Australia and expedited to China, or equipment collected from various global suppliers and shipped to a remote port in Africa, we can handle the most challenging of logistics projects for you.

Together with our global network of experienced partners, we consider all local regulations and conditions to ensure your cargo will be unloaded, customs cleared and delivered seamlessly.

Our Offices


Henning Harders (Australia) Pty Ltd


Henning Harders (Australia) Pty Ltd


Henning Harders (Australia) Pty Ltd


Henning Harders (Australia) Pty Ltd


Henning Harders (Australia) Pty Ltd

Wellington NZ

Henning Harders (New Zealand) Limited

Auckland NZ

Henning Harders (New Zealand) Limited

Harders Contract Logistics

Harders Contract Logistics Pty Ltd

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