Quality Management

Quality assured Logistics

At Henning Harders Australia, we strive to provide our customers with products and services, which regularly exceed their expectations.

Our systems and procedures – such as our One-Key-Account-Manager principle – make it easy for our clients to stay in control of their supply chain and help us gain a deep expertise in our customers’ industries, which in turns enables us to serve our clients better. 


  • give our customers full control and end to end visibility of their supply chain
  • gain a deep expertise in our clients industry and their specific processes, which enables us to develop cost-efficient, industry-focused trade and logistics solutions
  • have the ability to respond to changing needs with speed and flexibility
  • develop long-term partnerships with our clients, collaborate and align ourselves with their operations and processes
  • can implant experienced staff within your logistics department – to establish streamlined processes and procedures, which will help you operate a more efficient supply chain
  • plan and optimise the movement of your cargo, including all paperwork and documentation
  • analyse and make available all data and KPIs for continuous improvement and optimisation of your supply chain
  • work with your existing network of vendors, suppliers and partners and ensure a seamless and efficient flow of goods and information

Our tailored data analytics and custom reporting provide the basis for vendor management and ongoing supply chain optimisation.

Ease of logistics management and information sharing

We understand that our clients have to stay in control of their shipments so they can quickly respond to any unforeseen circumstances. That’s why we have systems and processes in place, which are specifically designed to keep our clients in the loop at all times and help them run their business more efficiently.

We provide:

  • Improved visibility and increased efficiency of operations
  • State-of-the-art information technology systems with full EDI capability and SAP compatibility
  • Customised reporting and real time information sharing
  • personalised data visualisation and analytics
  • Real-time supply chain snapshots to identify trends and valuable business opportunities
  • Data Integration and Data Security

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Accreditations and Industry Memberships

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