Our partnership with an experienced insurance broker, allows us to arrange all your insurance requirements to protect your imported or exported cargo against damage, loss or theft. Cargo insurance covers loss and damage of goods in transit from points of origin to final destination. Our close working relationship with our cargo insurance broker and associated underwriters, ensures clients receive competitive insurance rates.

Let us co-ordinate your ocean and air marine cargo insurance where we take care of all the paperwork, including certificates, reports and other documentation required. Our customers have peace-of-mind that all documentation complies with the conditions of the insurance and that they are covered with the most comprehensive and cost-effective policy available.

We can also provide evaluation of your goods to assess the major factors and risks, advice on issues and adequacy of policy type and coverage.

Henning Harders Cargo Insurance

We also arrange cost effective cargo insurance – for complete peace of mind 

Streamlined Claims Process

We offer competitive cargo insurance for our clients to suit their specific shipments – be it sea, land or air – providing peace of mind and avoiding costly loss.

If we handle the shipment, should you make a claim on a shipping job, we can simplify and fast-track the process by providing the insurer with the necessary shipping paperwork and documents.

What forms of cover should be considered by importers and exporters?

Two major forms of cover should be considered by importers and exporters:

  • A voyage policy covers cargo for a single trip described in the policy.
  • An open cargo policy – essentially a reporting form policy that covers all goods shipped or received by the insured during the term of the policy. The insured periodically pays premiums to the insurer based on reports from the insured of covered shipments. This is better suited to the needs of an insured who frequently ships or receives goods overseas. The open cargo policy also permits the insured to prepare “special policies” or certificate of insurance as may be required in ocean commerce.

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