Logistics Project Management

Many of our clients operate on a global scale, they have established a network of trusted suppliers and they manage unique processes and industry-specific systems. At the same time, moving international cargo fast and efficiently is a complex job with constantly changing global processes and regulations. We have the experience, the capacity and the network to help our clients turn their supply chain into a competitive advantage. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can manage either parts of your supply chain – or their entire value chain. Including the reliable in-time supply of parts and materials, the movement of one-off freight, large, complex or unusual materials or the shipment of entire production facilities to and from the most remote areas.

We can even implant some of our supply chain specialists within a client’s logistics department – we maintain and strengthen their exisiting network and streamline international ordering and shipping processes.

We take care of cost planning, selecting appropriate carriers, coordinating transport and warehousing, customs clearance and all paperwork. Tangible results for our clients are:

  • optimised flow of cargo
  • improved efficiency
  • delays avoided
  • risk minimised
  • complete control and transparency
  • optimised flow of documents and information through integrated IT platform
  • compliance and streamlined customs clearance
  • increased speed to market

What our clients say about our service

Marney McCann, Senior Key Account Manager, has been with Henning Harders since 2001

One-Key-Account-Manager policy

Our unique “One-Key-Account-Manager” policy enables us to develop extensive expertise in the industries we serve, going well beyond traditional transportation and warehousing solutions. 

Highly qualified logistics specialists plan, optimise and manage your supply chain – in-house or as an outsourced service. For complete peace of mind, our services include customs clearance, quality management, reporting and real-time information sharing with our customers. 

We give our clients peace of mind so they can concentrate on their core business and their customers.

Logistics advice and planning

At Henning Harders, we pride ourselves in the extensive knowledge of the industries we serve, which goes well beyond traditional transportation and warehousing solutions. We take the time to understand your individual needs and what you want to achieve. We consider your business personally, offer advice and knowledge which is specific to your industry and provide tailor-made integrated solutions and streamlined international logistics processes.

Have your supply chain managed by us and benefit from:

  • increased cost-efficiency and supply chain flexibility
  • supply chain tailored to required service levels
  • cross-docking and consolidation opportunities
  • network and market intelligence to identify best carriers
  • optimised packaging and container loading
  • cost-control and auditing

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