Customs Clearance, Customs Consultancy

Whether you are shipping goods in or out of the country, our qualified staff and advanced technology systems will ensure your shipments are cleared in compliance with all the laws while meeting critical delivery times as well as controlling costs.

Our in-house fully DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) accredited Licensed Customs Brokers can guide you through the maze of government regulations, provide advice and information and implement clearances and other vital actions on your behalf.

We can manage all your customs requirements and are readily available to provide personal and professional customs service and advice.

Our fully integrated electronic data interface (EDI) connects to both the Australian Border Force and the DAFF to assist the prompt and efficient clearance of goods.

Efficient customs clearance means delays and storage cost avoided and speed to market increased.

Accredited Australian Trusted Trader

Australian Trusted Trader is a voluntary trade facilitation initiative by the Australian Government, Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

It recognises businesses with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices, rewarding accredited businesses. The accreditation provides us and our customers with a range of trade facilitation benefits, such as: streamlined customs clearance, priority trade services, differentiated examinations and mutual recognition arrangements.

Our Customs Brokerage & Consultancy Services include:

  • Import/Export Clearance through all ports/airports
  • Electronic customs clearance that begins while your shipments are in transit
  • Expert brokers to handle all complexities and ensure accurate rating of duties and taxes
  • Banking Documentation
  • Export Documentation (Commercial Invoices)
  • Preparation and lodgement of Tariff Concession Orders
  • International Trade Documentation including preference certificates, certificates of origin, import & export licenses, etc.

Expert Customs Consultancy

  • Advice on Export Grants
  • Advice on valuation procedures
  • Advice on copyright/trademark issues
  • GST Advice on Customs
  • Tariff Matters
  • Tax advice
  • Advice on licensing Quota
  • Advice on Import
  • Licensing Quarantine Matters
  • Advice on Anti Dumping Procedures
  • Advice Bonded Warehouse requirements and services
  • Drawback and Traders Regulations Duty Audits
  • Advice on landed costings and many more

Our in-house software system is linked to Australian Customs and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) to assist with the prompt and efficient clearance of goods.

2015 CBFCA Award

Henning Harders, was honoured with the 2015 NSW Regional Award in recognition of commitment to the Customs Brokers & Forwarders Council of Australia Inc (CBFCA) and the barrier clearance / international freight forwarding industry at the National CBFCA Award.

The award recognises the conduct, competence and contribution of our company to respond to the increasingly diversified nature of the international trade logistics industry.

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