Agriculture is a diverse industry with specific requirements and a wide range of product categories – all of them demanding their own logistics solution.

When it comes to bringing fresh produce to market, a fast, flexible and efficient logistics network is essential for the competitiveness of growers and producers. We have the experience to ensure that your products get to their destinations unspoilt and in optimum condition. One of many examples: thanks to our rigorous quality control and a seamless cold chain we successfully expedite 30.000 litres of fresh milk to China each week. For our client, this means new business opportunities, which were previously not feasible.

Besides the export of agricultural produce and perishables, we also have in-depth experience in the cost-efficient import of materials, chemicals, parts and machinery. No matter how remote you are, we offer cost-efficient logistics for every mode of transport as well as industry-specific project management and procurement solutions.

You put a lot of effort in the production of your goods – we make sure they get to their destinations unspoilt and in optimum condition.

Case Study – Agriculture

Fresh milk exports to China

Historically, due to strict import trade barriers, the export of fresh milk into China was not a feasible business model. Stringent controls by China on dairy products meant milk remained in quarantine for 14 – 21 days, thereby reducing the product’s shelf life and viability.

For our clients from this industry, we undertook extensive research and completed trials to meet specific cold chain requirements and industry standards. These trials produced successful results that satisfied the relevant food authorities in both Australia and China, which allowed the fast tracking of the import clearance process.

We handle and control the seamless cold chain and supply all necessary data and documentation. As part of our quality control procedures, we perform sample testing in various conditions and obtain quarantine approval in China.

As a result, we now move Australian fresh milk to China from producer to end consumer in as little as five to seven days and the export of fresh milk became a viable business for our Australian dairy customers.

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