Keeping the bigger picture in mind

Imagine your perishable goods have finally arrived in Australia and you are being informed by Australian Customs that your cargo has to be re-exported because the product labelling does not comply with local regulations.

With Harders Advisory, you benefit from more than supply chain optimisation and the efficient movement of goods – we look at the bigger picture as well as the finer details, we:

We provide complete peace of mind – so you can confidently focus on your customers.

Stay ahead of your competition

Unlike other consultancies or logistics firms, we bring a unique combination of strategy and execution to the table. This allows us to consider all aspects of the process: industry specific shipping requirements, trade routes, fluctuating shipping capacities, free trade agreements, tariff concessions, local import and export regulations, product classification, labelling requirements, AHECC, TRADEX, DAFF, CoR, BMSB and many other acronyms, which you might not be aware of but are likely to affect your bottom line – or may even have the potential to stall your business entirely.

Our Services

Australian and international companies are working with Harders Advisory because the success of their business depends on a reliable and efficient supply chain. We stay on top of regulations, requirements and trade agreements so that you don’t have to and instead can confidently focus on your core business.

Harders Advisory offers a wide range of services, which guide you through the maze of rules and help improve your cash-flow and/or speed to market:

Import / Export Consulting

Customs Duty Consulting


Supply Chain and Process optimisation

Your direct contact to Harders Advisory

Talk to us if you consider importing goods to Australia, if you want to determine the feasibility of an overseas business opportunity, mitigate risks, comply with customs regulations, improve cash-flow or streamline your import / export processes.


Steven Butler

Head of Advisory – VIC

Andrew Crawford

Head of Advisory – NSW

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