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Henning Harders March 2020 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Work From Home success  

We have successfully transitioned our workforce to a Work From Home arrangement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Wellington we have a person on site to attend to documents arriving or document preparation. These people are also set up to work offsite, should there be further action from local government leaders.  

In recent months, we have implemented a critical enhancement to our CargoWise One operating system. This enhancement, called “PAVE”, was one part of our internal process redesign project over the last year. The conclusion of the enhancement in February 2020 allowed each of our team to manage every job task as they fall due, according to our redesigned KPI’s.

We are pleased to report business as usual in our enhanced operating environment and our team are functioning better than before. Every shipment for our customers is still personally managed by their Key Account Manager, as we continue providing the best personalised international supply chain. 

For up-to-date information on our business continuity, please refer to:

Henning Harders Business Continuity Plan

Restricted delivery times due to Covid-19

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, many customers and delivery sites are restricting delivery times and volumes into their premises. This has an ongoing effect through the supply chain and may cause additional charges levied by the trucking companies and shipping lines. 

It is important to note that as we also come into Easter, this will also be highlighted by two short weeks.

Please contact your Key Account Manager on how this will affect you and the business over this very trying time.

Importation of Personal Protective Equipment and Hand Sanitiser

As Australia navigates its way through the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses are turning to overseas markets to try and source supplies of various Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hand sanitiser.

Henning Harders is receiving many enquiries regarding these items. It is essential that all importers understand that the regulations covering their importation have not been relaxed in any way. Hand sanitiser will either be regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) depending on the ingredients and the claims made. It is essential to ensure that the product being imported complies with any regulations prior to shipment.

Similarly, PPEs might also be regulated by the TGA, depending on any claims made on the packaging.  Goods making claims that are not substantiated through registration with the TGA may be seized at the border.

Please contact Harders Advisory for further information.

Anti-Dumping Commission Investigations

The Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) has initiated two new investigations into alleged dumping and/ or subsidisation. The goods in question are below:

Kraft paperboard, coated on one side with clay or other inorganic substances, grammage 360-430 grams per square metre (GSM), wet strength treated from the United States of America; and

Certain electric resistance welded pipe and tube made of carbon steel, whether or not including alloys, comprising circular, rectangular and square hollow sections in metallic coated and non-metallic coated finishes. Metallic finish types for the goods include galvanised and aluminised. Non-metallic finishes include hot-rolled and cold-rolled. 

Sizes of the goods are, for circular products, those equal to or less than 21 millimetre (“mm”) in outside diameter. Also included are air heater tubes to Australian Standard (AS) 2556, up to and including 101.6 mm outside diameter. 

For rectangular and square products, those with a thickness of less than 1.6 mm (being a perimeter up to and including 260 mm). 

Included within the goods are end-configurations such as plain, square-faced and other (e.g. threaded, swaged and shouldered). 

The goods include all electric resistance welded pipe and tube made of steel meeting the above description of the goods (and inclusions), including whether the pipe or tube meets a specific structural standard or is used in structural applications. 

Oval and other shaped hollow sections which are not circular, rectangular or square, are excluded from the goods.

This investigation covers goods exported from China, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Interested parties, as defined by Subsection 269T(1) of the Customs Act 1901, are invited to lodge submissions by 6th May 2020 and 7th May 2020 respectively. Further information can be found HERE

Infrastructure fee increase

Over last weekend, Industry was notified of another Infrastructure fee increase, this time by DP World.

These have been summarised in the below table for your convenience:


SYDNEY: Import $112.10 Export $79.50  

BRISBANE: Import $109.50 Export $79.50

MELBOURNE: Import $125.00 Export $79.50

At this very early stage we do not know what carriers will on charge these fees at, however please be prepared to see official notice in the coming weeks from your Key Account Manager.

Attached below are the official notices from DP World.

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