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Important Shipping Updates

Waterfront industrial action – DPWA (DP World) seek intervention from Fair Works Commission

Late Tuesday 15 September 2020, DPWA has sought the assistance from the Fair Works Commission to halt industrial action planned at Port Botany terminal during the next two weeks.

DPWA state the work bans and go-slows that are targeted for the upcoming two weeks will damage both the NSW and Australian economies. With 75% of the containerized volumes for NSW predicted to be impacted by the industrial action.  DPWA are concerned “new bans to perform work by operating equipment at the ‘slowest possible safe speed’ will in effect create a permanent go-slow at the terminal,”

This is a clear indicator of the challenges ahead along with the firm actions and surcharges we are seeing from the shipping lines. Our industry bodies continue to lobby support from government to support a resolution between the parties.

Vessel Schedule changes

Shipping lines continue to omit Sydney to mitigate delays from the industrial actions and port congestion.

Currently, a number of vessels are discharging containers in Melbourne and Brisbane.  The additional cost to transport container to Sydney being applied to importer either by a shipping line transport surcharge or the importers own arrangement.

The empty container congestion will continue to be problematic as vessels calling Sydney are restricted from undertaking full container exchange. In addition, those vessels omitting Sydney provide zero relief to the empty container crisis.

Shipping Line Surcharges and/or action

As of the morning of September 16, 2020, the below shipping line advice has been received:

Congestions surcharge being applied for discharging Sydney

  • Mediterranean Shipping Company
  • Hapag Lloyd
  • Pacific Asia Express

Omitting Sydney and discharge Melbourne/Brisbane (importers to transport to Sydney)

  • Maersk
  • OOCL

Transport additional (TAD) surcharge to discharge Melbourne/Brisbane and onforward to Sydney

  • One Line

Sydney Empty Container Crisis

The management of empty contains in Sydney remain at crisis levels.

Some empty parks reported empty container evacuations over the weekend and Monday however by Tuesday am the parks were at capacity again with reported closures from noon yesterday 15 September 2020.

Vessels omitting Sydney will contribute to the crisis as empty evacuations on those vessel are missed as a result.

Vessels calling Sydney are faced with restrictions to their full container exchange.

We are continuing to manager your empty containers through our transport yards and monitor the empty staging to make individual applications on your behalf to the shipping line for extension to the detention free period.  Whilst there is no indication from Shipping lines on granting extensions, these applications are critical should there be a change in the shipping line’s response to granting extensions.

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