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Important Shipping Updates

Waterfront industrial action

Update from 2. October 2020
DP World have concluded their agreement with the MUA for Sydney. This is a 3 year agreement and the parties state no protected industrial action will take place for the term of this agreement allowing for stability to return to the waterfront operations and affected supply chains.

DP Worlds have “in-principle” agreements with the MUA for Brisbane, Melbourne and Fremantle with the MUA withdrawing current planned industrial action.

Patrick have further talks scheduled with the MUA at the Fair Works commission scheduled for 26 October 2020 covering Sydney port negotiations. Currently the protected industrial action is cancelled.

Hutchison port continue to be impacted by delays with ongoing negotiations with the MUA.

Your Key Account Manager along with the Henning Harders management are working through all options on the management of your shipments while the port situation begins its long recovery.

Update from 1. October 2020
Patrick and the MUA have concluded talks at the Fair Works Commission today resulting in the immediate end to the industrial action at Patrick terminals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle.

We understand the talks did not result in the favourable outcome for the MUA. This raises the questions of future industrial action. The attached Patrick Media release details what was offered and rejected in the discussions.

It is estimated, both in the Patrick Media release and other public opinion, the recovery to normal will take two or more months.

Your Key Account Manager along with the Henning Harders management are working through all options on the management of your shipments while the port situation begins its long recovery. 

Shipping line actions and surcharges

Update from 2. October 2020
Port congestions surcharges remain in place by the shipping lines with MSC implementing the surcharge for Melbourne and Brisbane in addition to Sydney.

Bookings for Sydney destination remain suspended with various lines now including OOCL and ONE in addition to the previous action of Maersk and Cosco.

MSC and Maersk are continuing to revise their port rotations to recover their schedules.

OOCL have now suspended bookings for their coastal service from the East coast to Fremantle.

Congestions and delays are impacting all Australian ports as a knock-on effect of the vessels offloading Sydney containers at those other ports.

We continue to monitor and manage each container for you and analyse alternatives and onforwarding options through your Key Account Managers.

Update from 1. October 2020
We continue to see vessel schedule changes and the ongoing action by Maersk to not accept bookings to Sydney.  Cosco have since taken the same action and no longer accepting bookings to Sydney for a temporary period. This action indicates the concern for the impact on vessel schedules to continue.  Both Maersk and Cosco will continue to review this action.

With the delays now impacting Melbourne and Brisbane, we have notice of the temporary implementation of the congestions charge to both in addition to Sydney.  Similar to the Sydney congestions charge, this is first announced by Mediterranean Shipping Company and we expect others to following in the coming days. 

Your Key Account Manager is monitoring all shipments with our operations team to keep you informed of the schedule and discharge updates.

Empty Container Crisis

Update from 2. October 2020
Planning has begun for the recovery of the empty container crisis in Sydney.

Our industry representatives are working with Transport for NSW (TFNSW) on a proposal to ease the congestion with the empty container parks. The proposal includes the utilisation of additional hard stand area near Port Botany for the handling of empty containers.

We eagerly await the take up by TFNSW on this development proposal while the management of empty containers remains a growing issue.

Your Key Account Manager will keep you informed as we all progress through this recover period.

Update from 1. October 2020
Sydney empty container parks remain at capacity. The shipping lines are now reluctant to issue re-directions where empty container parks reject acceptance of the empty containers.

The management of the empty containers remains a high priority with shipping lines still challenged to evacuate empty containers from Sydney.

In the management of the empty container, re-direction requests are in place with delayed responses from lines. 

Currently, we are still managing your empty container via our transport yards while this crisis continues.

Your Key Account Manager has the entire operation and management at Henning Harders supporting you.

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