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Important Shipping Update

COVID Resurgence – Greater China   

We are updating you on the recent COVID-19 resurgence and impact across China. Disinfection and quarantine measures have been implemented by local authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19, these are impacting local operations  that are listed below.

Our team in China are closely monitoring the fluid situation and we will share updates with you to provide  these important impacts to supply chains.

Key points:

– Some depots in Shanghai remain closed from 28th March until further notice.

– Sea Freight container operations are severely affected by local road transport restrictions.

– Trucking service in/out Shanghai will be severely impacted by up to 30% due to a full lockdown on Shanghai’s Pudong and Puxi areas until 5th April.

– All warehouses in Shanghai will remain closed from 28th March until 1st April with an expectation this will be extended.

– AIR operations in Shanghai for existing cargo in warehouses stay as normal. However, new cargo acceptance will be impacted due to the first mile delivery and labour resource constraints imposed.

– During these lockdown phases, the general public are required to stay at home with the exception of industries providing basic livelihood necessities such as food, fuel, sanitation services, etc. City-wide testing will be carried out.
– Public transport will be suspended during each area’s respective lockdown.
– Airports remain operational. At Pudong International Airport (PVG), measures are in place to ensure operations can continue. However, road transport to the airport is severely affected. Some airlines may opt to cancel flights this week.
– Public transport is operational across the city.

– Ports, airports and warehouses also remain operational.

– Some densely populated areas of the city are still classed as ‘Preventative Areas’, requiring Covid testing every 48 hours in order to enter public areas and buildings.

– SCT, MCT and CCT ports are accepting laden export containers for vessels ETB – 4 days

QUBE Brisbane Port Empty Park Fee 25th April 2022

Please be advised Qube logistics Brisbane has reviewed and amended its Brisbane Port Empty Park fee following an internal infrastructure investment review.

Effective from 25th April 2022, Qube will impose an increase to their Empty Fee.

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