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In February, Jarrod Thomson from the Henning Harders Melbourne team travelled to Kisoro, Uganda, where Henning Harders supports the HOVC (Help for Orphans and vulnerable Children) charity. 

Here is a brief excerpt from his travel log:

After 3 flights (20+ hours of travel) we arrived at Entebbe and began the long bumpy road trip to Kisoro. After hours of travel and an overnight stop, which included some very scenic viewing and our bus breaking down, we finally made it! Over the course of the 2 weeks whilst I was in Kisoro I was involved in:

– Meeting the HOVC team in Uganda and a tour of their headquarters.
– Meeting the HOVC sponsor children: there is around 130 (Henning Harders sponsor 9 children) who greeted us to some singing and dancing. The kids receive breakfast and lunch and can easily manage to play around 30 games of soccer throughout the day. One of the major things the sponsor kids benefit from is school fees being paid for.
– Assisted with some sponsor houses which required maintenance – gutters, fixing water tanks etc.
– Toured the local Primary and Secondary schools which was an eye opener to say the least.
– Visited some of our sponsor Children’s homes and met their families.
– On the last day we took a trip to the park with the children which was surrounded by a picturesque lake and we did some activities as well as local lunch with some interesting cuisine on the menu.

Henning Harders Australia have helped provide 46 water tanks. Without the tanks Children would have to venture by feet anywhere between 5-10kms to the nearest water points with their jerry cans. So the benefit of having them at their houses is beyond words to them.

All in all it was an amazing experience and was fantastic to see what we have helped to create and the positive impact it has had on the kids/community and again I thank Christian and the company for the incredible opportunity. If you are lucky enough to gain the chance to head to Kisoro in the future – I strongly suggest to grab it with both hands.

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