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Henning Harders September 2019 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Commencement of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) Season 2019-20

Measures have commenced for the 2019-20 BMSB Season. Although many additional countries have been added to the target risk list, the anticipated increase in shipment volumes is projected to be 10 per cent. Although there is increased treatment capacity with the Department of Agriculture Approved Arrangements, importers should still prepare themselves for delays once the cargo has landed in Australia.

Henning Harders will monitor the situation and provide updates as the season progresses.

More information regarding the BMSB measures can be found here: Services/BMSB 2019-2020

Aluminium Extrusions deemed NOT subject to dumping duty 

In a recent Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) case, the panel was required to assess the classification of certain aluminium rails and other extruded aluminium products.

The AAT determined that the goods in question were in fact furniture parts, regardless of the fact they were imported in long lengths that required cutting to size prior to use. The extruded products were designed by the defendant and it was argued that the goods are fit for the single purpose of being parts for furniture.

The decision in this case represents a shift in the approach to the identification and classification of goods (the wharf side test), where it could be argued that nobody upon sighting the goods would describe them as furniture parts. 

It would be very surprising if the Comptroller General of Customs does not appeal the decision. 

If you have any questions in relation to this decision please contact Harders Advisory.

Biosecurity changes to cut flower and foliage shipments

Commencing 1/9/2019 consignments of cut flowers and foliage arriving with incomplete phytosanitary certification will not be permitted entry into Australia. This includes certificates with missing or incomplete additional declarations.

Consignments will be held at the border pending amended certification from the exporting country’s National Plant Protection Organisation.

Where amended certification cannot be obtained, the goods will be directed for destruction or re-export at the importer’s expense.

Shipping Update

After reaching record low Freight rates from China earlier in the year, carriers have created an artificial shortage by planning 9 blank sailings in close succession. As a result, a “Peak Season” is upon us, along with the carriers’ desired outcome of an upward effect on Freight rates, causing a severe reduction in space and capacity in the market.

It is hoped that the reintroduction of Maersk’s Yo/Yo service from South China will ease the situation after several months on hiatus, despite it moving to a fortnightly service instead of weekly.

Out of Europe, several service changes will become apparent next month, with CMA and MSC partnering on a Direct service from Europe, whilst Hapag Lloyd moves to a transhipment service offering via Asia.

As we approach what is shaping up to be a busy time of year for shipping, please continue to provide shipping forecasts and plenty of advance notice of bookings to avoid disappointment.

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