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Henning Harders October 2020 Newsletter

Australian Border Force October 2020 Goods Compliance Update

Australian Border Force (ABF) has released the October 2020 Goods Compliance Update.  The document highlights areas in which ABF has focused its compliance activity and details those where high levels of non-compliance have been detected.

It is evident that both the value and volume of infringement notices served has reduced significantly in FY 2019-20 when compared with FY 2018-19 however, it is possible that Covid-19 may have seen a slight reduction in the number of interventions and reviews conducted by ABF. The reduced penalties appear to correspond with a reduction in compliance activity rather than an improvement in compliance.  Of those reviews conducted, the error rates detected has remained stable.

In addition, page 12 of the update includes a section titled ‘Risks of relying on previous broker’s work’.  This covers in detail a case where a broker used data transferred from a previous brokerage and used this to continue declaring the cargo on the formal import declaration for the importer.

This is a significant compliance risk for both the importer and the broker which can carry significant financial penalties. 

As an Australian Trusted Trader, Henning Harders will always review each new product on a case by case basis to ensure full compliance with all Customs related law for our clients.  Our Advisory team is also able to offer a full review of any importer product database on request.

The full compliance update can be found here.

For further information please contact Harders Advisory.

Landside Logistics

As we continue to battle congestion and shipping delays there has been some relief with Patrick and the MUA agreeing to suspension of industrial action until the 1st December as the parties decide to meet for 3 days a week to reach settlement on a new enterprise agreement (EA).

Over at DP World they have finalised an agreement for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane which will be voted by members on the 9th November. The agreement for DP World Fremantle is still being finalised. Hutchinson Ports are still ongoing with the MUA (Maritime Union of Australia) and without PIA (Protected industrial action).

Whilst we have a stay of execution on the terminals for the time being it must be stated that this could well be short lived. It will take some time to work through backlogged vessels and industry is wary of further PIA effecting supply.

The Sydney Empty Container Park (ECP’s) are still in a state of overcapacity. Whilst there has been some re-export of equipment over the past month, this has not been at the same rate of imports coming into the port. Last count there were over 44,000 empty containers sitting in Empty Yards and Carriers Yards.

This week we have been advised that the NSW government has allowed height restrictions for stacking containers to be lifted to 7 from 5 which takes care of over 3000 empty containers. Studies are also continuing to provide new parks in the Botany area and the under utilisation of parks in the western suburbs. These are longer term outcomes that industry must continue to explore.

New tollway, Northconnex opened this week which will take over 20 traffic lights out from the M2 at Pennant Hills to the start of the M1. As it has been widely advised in the media, trucks will be forced to use the new motorway at a cost of $23.97 each way. Please ensure you contact your Account Manager to understand the charges from the 2nd November 2020.

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