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Truganina Warehouse Bond License

Our Truganina Warehouse is now licensed to store goods subject to customs control (excluding petroleum and petroleum products).

The licence permits Harders Contract Logistics to store goods entered on warehousing entries – including excise equivalent alcoholic goods – deferring payment of import duty and GST until the goods are delivered into home consumption.

In addition, the Truganina Warehouse has also secured a storage licence from the ATO to store excisable (domestic) alcohol products, deferring the payment of excise to ATO until the goods are delivered into home consumption.

To comply with related regulations: 

  • EEG goods remain under Customs control
  • Excisable goods remain under ATO control
  • The physical security of goods in our warehouse is guaranteed 
  • Electronic systems are utilised to maintain inventory integrity
  • Warehouse personnel are subject to additional security checks

Advantages of warehousing excisable and excise equivalent goods

  • Improved cash flow, as Customs duty and import GST or excise is not payable until your beer, wine, spirits are entered for home consumption.
  • Businesses may be eligible to release goods into home consumption without upfront payment with relevant settlement permissions from ATO.
  • We can assist with establishment of continuing movement permissions where under bond alcohol can be moved to other Customs warehouses and excise storage locations without duty or excise payment, for example to airport duty free stores.
  • We can also set up and maintain a dedicated bond register to monitor stock receipts and movements. These records ensure accurate values can be recorded on clearances ex-warehouse, and also allow for reconciliation against physical stock during stocktake. 
ATO storage licence to store excisable (domestic) alcohol products

Our services include: 

  • Ambient storage of 12,500 pallet positions
  • Customs consultancy
  • Duty minimisation techniques
  • Auditing services – Duty / Excise / Taxation
  • Bond register set up and maintenance
  • Underbond solutions
  • In-house fully accredited (DAFF – Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) licensed Customs Brokers 
  • Value-added services such as unpacking and repacking

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