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Contract Logistics Update – HACCP Certification

HACCP certification achieved at our Melbourne warehouse

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certificate is internationally recognised as the best method of food risk management.

HACCP is an important feature in the import / export process of food and non-food items. As a food safety programme, it provides vendors, the public and government bodies with a high degree of comfort that food safety is being taken seriously and is well managed.

Today, many of the world’s best manufacturers and vendors use the system as a basis for their quality management programmes.

HACCP involves a comprehensive assessment and management of potential hazards in the supply chain, particularly focusing on critical points where hazards can be controlled or eliminated.

This certification ensures that Harders Contract Logistics adheres to internationally recognised standards, systematically identifies and addresses risks, and consistently maintains a secure environment for handling food products.

HACCP is an important feature for importers and exporters of food items.

For our 3PL warehouse customers, the benefits of HACCP certification are substantial:

  • it signifies our commitment to the highest standards of food safety
  • it provides assurance that we employ rigorous measures to prevent contamination throughout the supply chain
  • by identifying and controlling potential hazards, Harders Contract Logistics optimises processes, leading to enhanced operational efficiency
  • a reliable and streamlined supply chain reduces the likelihood of product recalls, delays and disruptions

All of these points are paramount in industries where product safety and quality are non-negotiable.

The HACCP certification demonstrates our commitment to the food industry and its regulatory requirements. The strategic alignment with global food safety standards mitigates risk, it facilitates the efficient import and export of food and non-food items thus allowing our customers to confidently focus on their core business.

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