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BMSB Season 2019/2020 – UPDATE March 2020

As the BMSB season draws to an end there has been increased activity by the DOA (Department of Agriculture) to ensure all treatment providers are compliant with the relevant fumigation processes. This unfortunately has seen a number of containers fail or be directed for further assessment around consignment suitability.

Like any fumigation treatment to be effective, goods must be presented in a manner that allows the fumigant to reach all external and internal surfaces of goods that could be affected by BMSB. Therefore, containers that are loaded tightly or pallets that are shrink-wrapped are not considered conducive to treatment effectiveness. The key factors that affect the suitability of goods for treatment are free airspace, load capacity and plastic wrapping.

It is therefore important that all suppliers effected by BMSB are aware of the Departments consignment suitability statements for treatment in Australia and that any consignments found to fail the suitability will delay your shipments significantly and result in additional costs, re-treatment, or discharge refusal.

We recommend you take time to read the BMSB consignment suitability statement from the DOA and contact your Key Account Manager if you have any further questions.

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